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Service Charges

CountryServiceService Charges +VATBack End Charges
undefined IndiaNormal bank transferAED 15.00 
 Cash pickup below AED 1,000.00AED 16.80 
 Cash pickup above AED 1,000.00AED 21.80 
 Flash bank transferAED 20.00 
undefined PhilippinesBank Transfer PHP 1.00 to 1,000,000.00 / GCash PHP 1.00 to 50,000.00AED 15.00PHP 100.00
 Cash pick up PHP 1.00 to 50,000.00AED 15.00PHP 125.00
 Cash pick up PHP 50,001.00 to 75,000.00AED 15.00PHP 175.00
 Cash pick up PHP 75,001.00 to 100,000.00AED 15.00PHP 225.00
 Cash pick up PHP 100,001.00 to 125,000.00AED 15.00PHP 275.00
 Cash pick up PHP 125,001.00 to 150,000.00AED 15.00PHP 325.00
 Cash pick up PHP 150,001.00 to 175,000.00AED 15.00PHP 375.00
 Cash pick up PHP 175,001.00 to 225,000.00AED 15.00PHP 425.00
 Cash pick up PHP 225,001.00 to 275,000.00AED 15.00PHP 475.00
 Cash pick up PHP 275,001.00 & Above PHPAED 15.00PHP 525.00
undefined Sri LankaBank Transfer/Cash Pick up – AED 1.00 to 33,000.00AED 15.75 
undefined BangladeshBank Transfer/Cash Pick up – AED 1.00 to 33,000.00AED 15.75 
undefined GhanaMobile Cash/Bank Transfer/Cash Pick UpAED 15.75 
undefined KenyaMobile Cash/Bank Transfer/Cash Pick Up – AED 1.00 to 33,000.00AED 15.75 
undefined UgandaMobile Cash/Bank Transfer/Cash Pick Up – AED 1.00 to 24,100.00AED 15.75 
undefined NepalCash Pick-up/Bank Transfer – AED 1.00 to 33,000.00AED 15.75 
undefined PakistanCash Pick-up/Bank Transfer – Below AED 370.00 or Equivalent of USD 100.00AED 15.75 
undefined PakistanCash Pick-up/Bank Transfer – Above AED 370.00 or Above USD 100.00- NO CHARGESAED 00.00 
undefined EgyptCash Pick/ Bank Transfer – AED 1.00 to AED 28,000.00AED 15.75 
undefined JordanCash pick-up – Equivalent of USD or AED 1.00 TO 32,700.00AED 15.75 
undefined UAECash Pick up – AED 0.00 to 5,000.00AED 15.75 
undefined IndonesiaCash pick upAED 21.00 
 Bank transafer AED 1.00 to 33,000.00AED 16.00 
undefined Oman / MoroccoCash Pick up Bank transfer – AED 1.00 to 30,487.00AED 20.00 
undefined Saudi/KSACash Pick up AED 1.00 to 1499.00AED 27.50SAR 30.00
 Bank Transfer AED 1.00 to 93,750.00AED 31.50SAR 30.00
undefined (Qatar / Bahrain / Kuwait )Bank transfer cash pick AED 1.00 to 3,000.00 AEDAED 31.50 
undefined VietnamBank transfer Cash pick up AED 1.00 to 2,000.00 AEDAED 36.50 
FC Buy / Sell – All CurrencyAny Amount (Service Charge)AED 3.25 
NOTES:1. There may be additional and significant costs charged by the receiving entities should there be errors/omissions in the remittance information provided by the customer causing a rejection of, or delays in the transfer.  
 2. Terms and conditions apply. All charges are subject to change without any prior notice.  
WARNING :The actual time to complete a transaction may differ from estimates due to increased scrutiny of transactions by the correspondent bank/financial institution or entity providing financial services to the beneficiary of remittances.
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