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M M Shehan Mendis

M M Shehan Mendis


MR. MAHAMENDIGE MADURANGA SHEHAN MENDIS is the AML – Data Analyst Officer of Dinar Exchange. Mr. Shehan Mendis is an effective and conscientious team player with strong AML analytical skills. 17 years Work experience in the Money Exchange field and Owner of his own IT Business in his home country in Sri Lanka has made him skilled in technical, analysing and Investigative personal.

Mr. Shehan Mendis enjoy the challenge of new tasks and responsibilities while working to deadlines/goals. He is strengths lie in organisation, attention to detail and prioritising his workload to meet business objectives while complying with Internal and External Compliance policies and procedures.

Mr. Shehan Mendis has developed a specific expertise with a proven record in financial activity, transactions monitoring mechanisms, suspicious transactions investigate and reporting.

Tel: +971 4 230 2017

Email: shehan@dinarexchange.ae

M M Shehan Mendis
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