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Disclosure Statement

  • Products and services offered through all our channels (branch, digital and other channels) are subject to service charges and conversion rates (if applicable).
  • Service charges are available on our website www.dinarexchange.ae and the charges may vary based on the product/service and the value of the transaction.
  • Correspondent and/or intermediary charges are applicable to certain countries and the charges will be deducted at the receiving end.
  • Dinar Exchange will refund the unclaimed funds as per the guidelines of the regulatory authorities.
  • Important Notice: Any amendments or re-issuance of the remittance transaction requested by the customer for any reason will be subject to our regular charges and settlement of any rate differences, if applicable.
  • Upon signing the receipt, the customer confirms and acknowledges the correctness, authenticity and legality of all the transaction details and will be held responsible for the same. Dinar Exchange shall inform the customer about the estimated time of transfer prior to performing the remittance transaction. However, the estimated time of delivery may differ for reasons beyond our control.
  • Important Notice: Refund against cancellation of drafts, transfers or any other remittance transaction returned unpaid for any reason will be refunded to the sender at the prevailing market buying rate or transaction rate whichever is lower, excluding the sending charges, any deductions from the beneficiary bank, cancellation fees and any other expense incurred as a result.
  • Dinar Exchange reserves the right to use services of intermediary banks and financial institutions in any country of its choice for the execution of this transfer.
  • Dinar Exchange will not disclose the confidential information of the customer to any third party unless it is required to do so by any applicable law or regulation within and outside the region.
  • Dinar Exchange will communicate with the customers through its official channels only. The customer should never share passwords, login credentials, OTP or any information that can be used to authenticate identity with not to any third party as it might lead to fraud.
  • By agreeing to the above-mentioned terms and conditions, the customer agrees not to use  Dinar Exchange services for any prohibited/illegal purposes.
  • Dinar Exchange reserves the right to amend its terms and conditions in accordance with applicable laws or internal policies, with a prior notice period of sixty (60) day’s. Any changes will be communicated to customers through our website and branch disclosures.
  • For further inquiries and details on terms and conditions of all Dinar Exchange products and services, please visit our website (www.dinarexchange.ae) or call: (+971) 4-230-2000 or email us at helpdesk@dinarexchange.ae
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