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Clythem Canafranca

Clythem Canafranca


Ms. Clythem Canafranca, over six years working experience as teller in one of the prestigious companies in UAE, Ms. Clythem is one of the pioneer staff behind building out growing of Dinar Exchange. Stated as Senior cashier, with her knowledge and exemplary capabilities she was appointed as ABM for a couple of months. Ensuring operations excellence by performing managerial tasks, such as work scheduling of counter staff, maintaining office supplies are always available, and/or evaluating counter staff performances, Ms. Clythem bridges the gap between upper management and counter staff. As Assistant Manager, she handles many operational tasks, running a specific department. Often engage in many of the same activities as their direct reports, leading by example, while providing support and training.

Tel: +971 4 230 2003

Email: clythem@dinarexchange.ae

Clythem Canafranca
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